Coaching – Will Change Your Life

Born To ImpactWith more than 15 years of coaching and training experience, Lori can coach you to success in your business, in your leadership role, and in your personal goals.

Lori has worked with international corporations and small business owners, as well as entrepreneurs and non-profit organization leaders, to help them move themselves to the next level.

Whether in personal or business concentration, Lori’s experience and skills will help you get to the levels you want to achieve.

Using the strategies of proven transformational and business leaders, Lori has developed programs that will be customized to your needs for growth and success.

The process begins with an hour long discussion to evaluate what areas you want to develop. A short survey will help in determining where you are in your process and allow the assignments to accurately address your goals. Daily assignments are submitted and responded to by email, with a weekly meeting to discuss outcomes and progress.

For more detailed information about the actual coaching and pricing, please visit Life Coaching or Leadership and Business Coaching for more information.

There is nothing better than living your dream,

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