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How Big Is Your Dream? - Live Your Dream

How Big Is Your Dream?

I’ve been reading How Successful People Think by John Maxwell, and today’s chapter was talking about being a Possibility Thinker.  

It gave me some incredible insight into how my thought processes reflect not only my belief in my dreams, but also got me thinking about the size of the dreams that I choose. 

So I asked myself … How Big Is My Dream?

aim high michaelangeloTo be a true Possibility Thinker, I have to push past the naysayers, the pessimists, the “scaredy-cats,” and all the versions of them that run through my own mind. Then set my eyes and my mind on my dream and imagine all the possibilities. 

The caveat to this, is that what I’m dreaming should – at least to the better part of the “normal” population – seem unreachable.  Because what’s the point of dreaming something that I am pretty darn sure that I can achieve? 

Is that really even a “dream”?

I don’t think so.

To me, a dream needs to be “out there” and a little “pie in the sky” and maybe even considered downright impossible. (Giving my inner scaredy-cat a kick with this one.)  John Maxwell says,

“When you believe in the possibilities, you put yourself in a position to achieve them,”

So, if that’s true …

Why would I want a mediocre dream?  Isn’t it in my best interests to be dreaming of something incredible, something significant, something almost unattainable?  

Dream Big NowMediocre won’t give me passion. Mediocre won’t challenge me to do more than I’ve done before. Mediocre won’t set me apart from the crowd. 

Who the heck wants Mediocre ????

Give me Passion. Give me a Challenge. Give me the Power of an incredible dream that will fuel my days into action and generate change and ultimate success. 

As Einstein said,

“The person with big dreams is more powerful than the one with all the facts.”

So today I want to challenge you to do what I did earlier today. Take a good hard look at your dream and ask yourself:

  • Is this something that I know I can achieve because I’ve done it before?
  • Is this something that I believe I can achieve it because it’s already in the works?

dream big 300If you answered “yes” to these questions – you need to upscale your dream!  

Then ask yourself:

  • Is this something that gets me excited to start my day every day?
  • Is this something that requires me to do more and be more than I’ve ever done or been before?

If you answered “no” to these questions – you need to re-evaluate your dream. If you want to answer “yes” to those two questions, you need to find a dream that you are passionate about. Find something you love and that gives you joy and a purpose.

Having a really BIG dream gives you power. It gives you excitement and it energizes your life.

I don’t believe I would be motivated to live my dream, if it didn’t do all of that for me.  

Could you?

I’d love to hear what you think about this.

Living my dream,



Let me coach you to your biggest dreams.



One thought on “How Big Is Your Dream?

  1. Awesome post Lori. I totally agree, dream is the fuel to our life. Without dream, we live without fuel in life. It can be darn depressing.

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