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Is The Word "Impossible" Shattering Your Dreams? - Live Your Dream

Is The Word “Impossible” Shattering Your Dreams?

At some point in our lives, almost every one of us have dreamed of being somebody special. How many times have you dreamed of being rich, or successful, or perfectly balanced in every area of our life?

Many of us have big dreams and great aspirations. I do. Do you?

Unfortunately, for many, dreams often remain just that – dreams.

Why?  Because they don’t ACT on their dreams.

So, what causes some of us to not take action?

Are we afraid to try and fail?  Are we afraid to try and succeed?

Quote H FordOr … do we doubt our ability or our capability?  Are there voices around us, or inside us telling us that our dream is impossible?

Because, if we believe it’s ‘impossible’, then it is.

To actually ACHIEVE your Dream you have to BELIEVE that it is POSSIBLE!

The word “impossible” is the biggest obstacle to ever achieving our dreams.

In fact, thinking our dream is “impossible” shatters our dream from EVER becoming reality.

Thank God not everyone thinks like that, or we would still be living without electricity, telephones, airplanes, space exploration, air conditioning, automobiles … you get the idea.

When the inventor dreamed of each of those inventions, everyone else thought it was impossible at the time. But the inventor didn’t give up on their dream. They took action. And with perseverance, determination, and unwavering vision, he or she was able to actually accomplish their “dreams.” And because of others who believe their dreams are POSSIBLE, we continue to be amazed daily with new innovations, inventions, and redesigns that change how we do almost everything.

Anything is Possible – if you Believe and take Action

So, you’re probably wondering how you can achieve your dream?

First, Know Your Dream. You must have a crystal clear vision of what it is. And Believe it with every fiber of your being. Know in your heart and mind that it is possible for you.

its possible byrne 2Then, Picture It. See it. Smell it. Taste it.  What does it feel like? See yourself living in that dream and see how others around you are also benefiting from you living your dream. Some people find it helpful to put together a vision board. A physical collage of pictures of your actual dreams – that car, that house, your child graduating from college, the vacation you’ve always wanted, the actual balance in your checking account.  Whatever it is, look at it several times a day and BELIEVE It Is POSSIBLE.

Then, Put a Plan Together to make it happen.  Will you start a new business, expand the one you currently have, get a better paying job, start a home business to generate a second income?  Figure out what it is that you need to do to get you to your dream.  Surround yourself with folks who are already where you want to be. They can help you take your life to the next level and help you put your plan together and then keep you on track to success.

Finally, Take MASSIVE Action. Knowing your dream and seeing it clearly isn’t enough. Neither will all the planning and strategy development.  You HAVE to Work at it – Relentlessly and with Determination and Perseverance.

its-possible-les brownWithout the Action – A dream is just a dream.

Everyone can live their dream!

The only thing stopping you is you!

I would love to help you live your dream. 




I Believe in You!


Let me coach you to success.


Living my dream,




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