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What Do You Think? - Live Your Dream

What Do You Think?

Have you noticed how seldom you are asked “what do you think?”

I know I am usually bombarded with advertisements and emails that tell me what I should think.  Rarely do they ask me what I think.

I’m reading an incredible book by John Maxwell entitled, “How Successful People Think.” It is an inspiration and a challenge to me to not only ask myself “what do you think,” but also to look at how I think.

Maxwell states that truly successful people set aside time to think.

Without proper time invested in thinking, dreaming, rethinking, mentally designing and evaluating, we won’t be able to generate new ideas effectively.

And I believe this is especially true for entrepreneurs like you and me.

ChangeYrThoughtsWe need to spend a little time each week just thinking. Working mentally on new ideas, enhancements for things we have in the works, reinventions of what isn’t working.

If I Change My Thinking … I can Change My Life!

Everyone is talking these days about mindset – and don’t get me wrong – I believe that our mindset is critical! It’s the foundation for everything.

But I’ve been challenged by Maxwell to spend time thinking. To train my mind to generate and evaluate possibilities. And my attitude and mindset is the basis of how these possibilities will be presented to me.

If I’m determined to Live My Dream – and I am – I must dream and think productively about what that life is, and then take action to make it happen. My thoughts will become things, but nothing will happen for me unless I think it and then do it.

I don’t know about you, but if my mindset and my thoughts create my world, then I need  to be proactive and productive when it comes to my thinking.

As Eddie Rickenbacker, WW1 flying ace, said, “Think things through – then follow through.”

In my business of coaching, training, and motivation, it’s critical that I am constantly learning and challenging myself. It’s what keeps me growing as a person, and gives me new perspectives to enhance my interaction with students, clients and others. My goal is to pass on what I’m learning and help myself and others to do something more, something better, that will take all of us to where we are each living our dream.

My plan for today is to set aside some time to just think and dream. I’m going to set up my “thinking place” (as Maxwell calls it), where I will go to spend quality “mental time” with my thoughts and dreams.

So … Let me ask you again …

What Do You Think?

Let me challenge you to answer that question and then take specific steps to positively impact your mindset. Then, use your mindset to generate ideas and dreams that will get you to your dream.

I know we can do this.

Have a beautiful day!

Living my Dream,




Click here for a link to if you’d like to own a copy of How Successful People Think, by John Maxwell.



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