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One Thing I Do Every Day - Live Your Dream

One Thing I Do Every Day

We all have our daily routines, wake up, coffee, breakfast, etc. And I’m no different than everyone else when it comes to that. But there is one thing that I do each and every day, that is transforming my life.

No matter what else I have on my schedule, I try to help at least one person in a special way.

Sometimes, it’s as simple as reaching something off a shelf for someone in the grocery store, or sending a note of encouragement to friend or family member.

But, my favorite way to help is to is teach someone a new skill, or share a coaching session that takes us both to a new level.

It’s all about encouraging someone, each day, in some way, to make their life a little easier. It’s all about taking opportunities to brighten someone’s world, with a smile, or a small assist.

We all have challenges and obstacles. That’s a given. Helping others and giving them hope – especially where there isn’t any – is one of the biggest joys of my life.  It’s about making a difference.

Helping others is my dream. That’s what gets me up in the morning and it’s what keeps me going every day.

Let me help you live your dream.

I am.

Living my dream,



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